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We think earth is a pretty special place to live and but it needs all of us to do our part.


Our bottles are 100% recyclable and are BPA, BPS and BPF free. Alka Power sources locally and is committed to producing from only 100% Australian Made plastics, cardboard and other consumables which leads to less carbon emissions than water or ingredients that are transported from other parts of the world.

Recycled Plastic

Alka Power is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant. The Covenant aims to reduce the environmental impacts of Consumer Packaging by supporting two goals: 

  • Optimising resource recovery of Consumer Packaging through the supply chain by adopting approaches that make changes in the way we design use and buy packaging and packaged products so that packaging uses less resources and is more easily recycled, and enable packaging materials to be returned to the economy thereby minimising waste associated with the generation and consumption of Consumer Packaging across the supply chain.
  • Preventing the impacts of fugitive packaging on the environment by adopting approaches that support new innovations and find solutions to capture packaging materials or waste before it enters the environment, or support the adoption of new or alternative types of packaging.


Alka Power bottles are recyclable at all recycling facilities across Australia, and we never stop researching new ways to become even more sustainable over time

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