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3 reasons to choose Alka Power in 2022

1. Hydration

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate naturally…… know it, most of your body is made up of water. In fact, water accounts for 60-65% of men’s body mass, 55% or less for women, and it can be up to 75% in infants. So why replace water loss with acidic, sugary sodas, sports drinks, and cordials?

If you don’t drink enough water, particularly after exercise and sweating, you can experience dizziness and with extreme dehydration, collapse. Signs that you need to drink more water include:

So to help you hydrate more efficiently, Alka Power naturally restructures water from very large clusters of 12-14 molecules down to smaller clusters of 5-6 molecules. These smaller clusters now have a lower viscosity than a liquid with larger molecules - think of pouring milk vs honey! The smaller clusters slide past each other more easily. They are more effortlessly absorbed into your cells and help dissolve and flush out toxins that have accumulated in your body.

We also know that for many people drinking enough water can be challenging due to the poor taste and texture that can come from your tap or tank water. This was a major component in the development of the patent technology that now creates the crisp, clean taste and texture of Alka Power.

Without giving away our ‘secret recipe’ we first remove any 'nasties' from the natural spring water and then we infuse the water with natural active marine minerals. The water is naturally raised to a stable high pH 9-10 with the most smooth and refreshing taste and texture - no metallic or chalky after-taste!

But don’t take our word for it, we regularly receive emails and comments like this……

‘After trying almost every supermarket water on the shelf (as well as researching the waters for quality and ethics) we came across Alka Power water. Now it's our favourite water! Great tasting and we love that it's an Australian family-owned business.’ Jonelle July 2021

2. Digestion

One of the biggest complaints Alka Power solves is the ability to combat acid reflux - naturally!

When acidic contents do a U-turn from your stomach back up to your oesophagus, you feel like someone has torched your chest and digestive tract. Often it occurs when lying down, particularly after indulging in too much spicy, fried, or fatty foods, multiple coffee catch-ups, too many acidic beverages or increased smoking.

Mostly anti-acid medications treat acid reflux and the more serious form, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Contained in these over-the-counter medications is usually sodium bicarbonate, magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, or other substances that can neutralise or counteract the stomach acid.

Alkaline water’s high pH does the same as the medications, neutralising stomach acid and most recently it has been discovered alkaline water can denature (dilute) pepsin - a major contributor to reflux.

In a 2020 reflux study (RefluxMD), people tracked both their symptoms and medication use 12 days prior to using alkaline water and 12 days while drinking alkaline water. 87% said that alkaline water reduced their symptoms and 56% noted a reduction of at least 40% of their symptoms. This is great news for sufferers of acid reflux particularly the 41% reduction in medication.

So if you suffer from reflux or GERD or just want a healthy digestive system, we suggest you try it for yourself like David from Brisbane …..

I am on PPIs for acid reflux. When drunken before a meal, alkaline water tends to offset the acid reflux’…’ it provides far more immediate relief (within 30 secs) than any tablet. Alka Power has the highest pH I can find. Given the quality of most tap water, I also appreciate good water quality/purity/taste in general’.

3. Functional Performance

You’ve probably aware of the importance of electrolytes (electrically charged minerals and compounds), but just to recap electrolytes:

  • facilitates muscle contractions - most importantly the beating of your heart

  • sends nerve signals from muscle, nerve and heart cells to other cells

  • manages fluid levels in your body and blood plasma

  • assists in clotting blood

  • supports new tissue building

  • produces energy

Electrolyte replacement occurs by staying hydrated and eating foods such as avocados, bananas, beans, edamame, oranges, potatoes, spinach and strawberries. With Alka Power as your hydration partner, you can easily replace your electrolyte loss with these 5 natural electrolytes:

Calcium - a necessity for your healthy bones, blood clotting, hormone secretion, muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Chloride - very important in maintaining the correct blood volume and pressure, managing the balance of fluids in your cells, inside and outside, and keeping the pH of your body fluids in check.

Sodium - also a mineral, is mostly found in your blood and lymph fluid so it is key in managing the water and electrolyte balance of your body and is also important for nerve and muscle functionality.

Potassium - is both an electrolyte and a mineral. It plays a major role in how your muscles and nerves work and helps balance the electrolytes and water (the amount of fluid inside and outside the body's cells) of your body.

Magnesium - assists in over 300 enzyme reactions in your body including muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system.

The active marine minerals used in Alka Power contain these 5 natural electrolytes so they are active at the cellular level. Add to that the micro-clustering of alkaline water, the electrolytes are transported into your cells faster and more efficiently than other functional or sports drinks.

Here’s one of our favourite product reviews that sums it all up….

I’ve trained in the gym for over 20 years and during this time I have tried to look after my body the best I can by eating the “right foods” and taking the best supplements.

Over those years, I was always missing “something” in my diet and I struggled with health issues like cramping/fatigue/GERD.

I tried countless times to look after my hydration but all I ended up doing was spending money and kept getting the same results. That was until now. Since drinking Alka Powers Active PH9+:

  • I no longer get heartburn/reflux from drinking water.

  • I manage to hit my daily goal of 3.726ltrs a day (monitored using a Hidrate Spark bottle) as this water actually is nice to drink.

  • My Whoop band recovery results are regularly in the green/yellow which is fantastic as previously I would fatigue/burn out (whoop band monitors your biometrics and helps you recover/perform).

And last but not least, because the Active PH9+ has electrolytes and minerals, I no longer suffer from muscle cramping and don’t have to pay $$ on sugar-free sports drinks (Saving me $$$).

I recommend, that if you are like me - just someone who hits the gym to keep healthy, drinks sports drinks and eats well but feels like something is missing, get rid of the sports drinks and other waters and give Alka activePH9+ a good go.

As you can tell by my review I am very happy I have found Alka Power, just wish I started drinking it years ago!!

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