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Drink, Drop and Donate

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

As a proud Corporate Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, we are delighted this year to combine our traditional February 'Drink Pink' campaign with the 55 Squat Challenge in March.

With 55 Australians diagnosed every day with breast cancer, we want to help raise awareness through this campaign of how imperative the research funds are in order for the NBCF to reach their goal of 'Zero Deaths by 2030'.

Join the 'Drink, Drop and Donate' team here

If you are registering a 'team', click on 'JOIN US', then 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT, followed by setting up your own personal account. This personal account gives an option to invite people to your team.

Here's the extra challenge......

Can you do 55 squats one day or for a glute busting month every day, with an Alka Power 1.5 Litre Pink Bottle in each hand? That's an extra 3kg of weight to squat?

Take an 'Alka Power Squat' photo of you and/or your teammates - Zoom meeting screenshot counts! Email the photo to and the best photo each week will be published on our social channels as well as receive a $55 e-gift card. You can also choose to donate the $55.00 to the campaign, just let us know and we will add it to your team's donation tally.

If you need any further information or help setting up your team, please contact

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