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Alka Power.

Alka Power Alkaline Water is 100% Natural water that has been filtered through our proprietary system. 

Our patented filtration system utilises active marine minerals to activate the water's alkalinity level to between pH 9-10. 


These minerals further enrich the water with electrolytes which also removes traces of fluoride and chlorine from the water.

Alka Power is a natural alkaline water that has a stable pH, longer lasting hydration and a clean refreshing taste. 

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Naturally raised pH for superior hydration

and a clean crisp taste.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water and regular bottled waters.

Because of this, alkaline water is able to neutralise the acid in our bodies, helping to improve and balance your body’s pH. 

Knowing the pH of your water is important when maintaining your hydration, general health and overall wellbeing.


Learn more about Alkaline Water and the benefits of a balanced alkaline diet at the Alka Power Knowledge Centre.

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Why drink it?

Many wellness professionals believe that keeping your body's pH balanced through diet, mood, fitness and self-care is key to a vibrant and enduring wellbeing.

The modern diets we consume are high in acidity so drinking alkaline water is one way to support your body retain an ideal pH level. 


Additionally, a good quality and natural alkaline water will contain minerals that assist with everyday hydration and energy.


Head to our Knowledge Centre to learn more about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

The Alka Power 

Knowledge Centre.

The Alka Power Knowledge Centre is a resource for industry and consumers who wish to understand more about alkaline water and living a balanced, healthy and energetic life.

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