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Why is it important to maintain the body's pH?

In today’s modern world, the standard busy lifestyle increases the body’s exposure to high levels of acid accumulation. Dietary intake of sugars, meats, dairy, alcohol and processed foods, as well as external influences of stress increase acid within the body. It has been well documented that highly acidic systems are more susceptible to disease, inflammation and illness.

Why choose Alka Power to maintain acid levels?

Water is an easy and efficient delivery system in neutralising acids and it is something that we all need to consume each day to maintain optimal health. More specifically, Alka Power contains bioavailable minerals that are active on a cellular level to enhance hydration and health. These filtered ocean sourced minerals are also the secret behind the stable and high pH that is unique to Alka Power.

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The Alka Power

INTEGRITY - Alka Power’s process is too involved to be placed on a mass scale production line. Methods such as electrolysis and additives are used by the other companies as a cheaper and more efficient process in contrast to the efficacy of the minerals contained in Alka Power. Alka Power’s pH is tested every 2 hours with highly sensitive pH meters that are calibrated by an independent water management company on a bi-monthly basis.

MARKET LEADER - Alka Power is Australia’s first and only naturally raised high pH9-10 alkaline spring water, remaining Australia’s No.1 alkaline water brand since 2015.

TASTE – Alka Power has a pleasant and easy-to-drink smooth, clean, crisp and refreshing taste that leaves the palette feeling hydrated. Brands that use the methods as mentioned above, tend to have chalky and/or metallic after taste. If you think Alka Power tastes great at ambient temperature, you should try it chilled!

STABILITY – Alka Power’s patented system ensures a shelf stable product that easily surpasses the two-year allocated best before date. Furthermore, oxidation effects on Alka Power after a bottle is opened are slow and insignificant as compared with other alkaline waters that advise to consume within a few hours after opening. 

WORD OF MOUTH - Alka Power is not passed as a therapeutic goods, therefore we make no health claims. Loyal customers passionately write and call us to rave about how they have put all of their friends and family onto consuming Alka Power because they have noticed the difference since switching out their typically acidic sparkling and spring waters and chemical abundant tap water consumption. Testimonials come in advising of how Alka Power has helped people overcome or manage troubling acid related health conditions. 

Alka Power Clean Crisp Refreshing Taste_edited.jpg

Luke, QLD

Alka Power water is one of the best water brands available at all local Woolworth's and Coles Supermarkets.


It tastes a lot better than Mount Franklin and other low cost water. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to hydrate themselves with a 100% natural Australian made product.

Tami & Div, QLD

I just wanted to send an email letting you guys know how much this water has changed our health. My partner and I live in an area in Brisbane Queensland which has horrible hard water that has been the cause of our stomach aches, bloating overall health issues. 


We purchased alka water on a whim thinking we would try it but now we cannot seem to go back. I am someone who struggles to drink a lot of water have now got on track with drinking a lot more which is improving my hydration levels.

Marco, Sydney

As a boxer im always looking to increase my performance any chance i can, as soon as I started drinking Alka Power i felt a huge difference in an out the ring. I felt that i was getting rehydrated so much quicker and my overall recovery during training sessions changed immediately.


I love this product and highly recommend to anyone.

Technical Information.

As a natural product, Alka power doesn’t have a typical analysis of the minerals contained within the product. The reason for this is that the minerals aren’t controlled through artificial synthesis, rather they are as they are found in nature. The benefit to this is that the body recognises the nutrient in a food-like form and utilises it more readily.
Alka Power conducts annual independent analysis of a randomly selected temperature-controlled bottle of water.

Test Tubes

pH Explained.

In simple terms, pH is a measure of how acidic water is.


The pH (potential of Hydrogen) scale is a number line from zero to fourteen. Seven, in the middle of the scale, is regarded to be neutral, neither acid nor alkaline. Anything above seven on the number line is regarded to be alkaline, while anything below seven is regarded to be acidic. 

The specific acidity or alkalinity of water is measured by a pH spectrum. Whilst the pH scale runs from 0-14, every point on the scale relates to a 10-fold change in acidity or alkalinity from the previous value. For example, the difference between 7 and 8 on the scale is a 10-fold change in alkalinity. A substance with a pH of 8 is, for example, 10 times more alkaline than tap water.

Important Note: Measuring a water's pH level can not be conducted utilising a Litmus strip test kit as they are designed only to indicate the existence of acid or alkaline, not its level.


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