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The Alka Power Knowledge Centre is a resource for industry and consumers who wish to understand more about alkaline water and living a balanced, healthy and energetic life.

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What is Alkaline Water?

Regular drinking water is considered to have a pH of 7 which is neutral. Alkaline Water has a higher pH level than this, including regular bottled waters.

The higher the alkalinity supports your body to neutralise the high level of acid found in today's diets.

Alkaline water can be produced both artificially and naturally. 

So what exactly is pH? 

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pH Explained.

In simple terms, pH is a measure of how acidic water is.


The pH (potential of Hydrogen) scale is a number line from zero to fourteen. Seven, in the middle of the scale, is regarded to be neutral, neither acid nor alkaline. 


Anything above seven on the number line is regarded to be alkaline, while anything below seven is regarded to be acidic. 

The specific acidity or alkalinity of water is measured by a pH spectrum. Whilst the pH scale runs from 0-14, every point on the scale relates to a 10-fold change in acidity or alkalinity from the previous value. For example, the difference between 7 and 8 on the scale is a 10-fold change in alkalinity. A substance with a pH of 8 is, for example, 10 times more alkaline than tap water.

Important Note: Measuring a water's pH level can not be conducted utilising a Litmus strip test kit as they are designed only to indicate the existence of acid or alkaline, not its level.

Why do we need alkaline in our diet?

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Why do we need alkaline in our diet?

For good health, our bodies need to be slightly alkaline and our wellbeing is directly related to how alkaline our diet is.

Disease thrives in an acidic environment but cannot where pH is maintained within the correct range. The typical Australian diet is acidogenic, consisting of foods and drinks that have an acidifying effect on the body.

This effect can remove oxygen from the blood and potentially result in a loss of energy and a poor or vulnerable immune system.

Maintaining a balanced Alkaline diet helps to clean the blood, oxygenate the body, and keep your cells in good shape. This in turn will give you more energy, will help your skin look and feel fresh, and will support the reduction of inflammation within your body.

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

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The benefits of an alkaline water in your diet.

  • For optimum health, our bodies need to maintain a good level of alkalinity. An alkaline diet promotes overall better health, oxygenates the blood and promotes higher energy levels. Drinking alkaline water regularly is the perfect way to help you achieve this level and continued pH balance.

  • pH balance is our first and best line of defence against sickness and disease. Alkaline Water helps neutralise the acid-base in your body and in the process helps balance your body’s pH.

  • Alkaline Water boosts the immune system where poor diet, stress or environmental toxins are present.

  • Assists with detoxifying the pancreas and maintaining bone mineral density.

  • A recent study found that there is a significant difference in whole blood viscosity after consuming high pH water compared to regular water post workout. This means blood flowed more efficiently with alkaline water thus increasing oxygen delivery throughout the body.

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