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Our Company.

Steve and Rebecca Pettaras started Alka Power in October 2012. The vision from the very beginning was to provide Australians with the best water possible and to educate consumers to understand that the quality of the water they drink each day matters a great deal to their overall health. 

Alka Power’s vision is to support every Australian in their pursuit and maintenance for everyday good health management; by making it easy and convenient to alleviate the effects of acidity within the body. Thereby reducing the body’s susceptibility to inflammation and illness.

The future looks bright for Alka Power, after holding #1 alkaline water brand status since 2015, we are looking to improve with packaging innovation and to expand product ranging further on our home soil. Beyond this, we plan to explore the export market demand, so as to provide Aussies with their favourite water when travelling abroad.

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Alka Power draws water on site to reduce the movement of trucks. All of our bottles are delivered on site in a condensed preform that enables us to receive 9000 units per pallet. This quantity is equivalent to 13 pallets of finished product.

The preform is heated and blown into a bottle by essentially stretching the condensed preform using blow moulding machinery. The environmental benefit in this process is to reduce the number of delivery trucks by creating a more compact load.

The components of the Alka Power bottles (preforms, caps and labels) arrive in cartons that are in great condition for reuse. These are on-supplied to a carton supplier instead of using unnecessary energy to recycle the fibre.

Alka Power food grade PET bottles are 100% recyclable plastic.

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