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The Power of Spartans

As the official Hydration Partner for Spartan Race Australia, Alka Power is powering spartans to perform, hydrate and recover...


Spartan's mission is to help people live without limits. Our training and race events can help everyone develop the physical and mental strength to take on all of life's challenges with an unbreakable spirit.

We believe that living "the hard way" based on ancient wisdom and daily training can make us the people we were born to be.

In 2024, Spartan is going to be supercharged as we create a new chapter of our story 📖 

We kick the year off with going back to Bright for the first of five Trifecta Weekends, and then on to the iconic Picton and Gold Coast venues. We have a brand new Melbourne venue to unveil, and then bringing the prestigious APAC Championship to Australia in September to showcase Spartan on the world stage 🌏 

We'll finish off the 2024 Spartan season with the ultimate adventure holiday in Fiji for our fifth Trifecta Weekend which will end our year in the most spectacular way possible ⛰️🏃💪🌴🏖️ 

And if that's not enough, the next evolution in Spartan is coming: DEKA, Spartan Trail and other new events never before seen in Australia 👀 

Pick a date, get training and join our community of over 5,000,000 Spartans in 2024.

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