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Ringside chat with George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jnr

With Australian boxing world champion, George Kambosos Jnr igniting a re-match against the current title holder, Devin Haney, we asked the founder of Alka Power, Steve Pettaras, about his passion to continue to support George so he can reach the pinnacle of his boxing career.

How did you meet George?

I was introduced to George back in 2013 by his previous trainer, Igor Goloubev.

What did you notice most about George in those early years?

My first impression was his driven attitude and strong will to win a world boxing title.

Why did you want to support George Ferocious Kambosos Jnr

Having been involved in high-level sports in my earlier years I never had the luxury back in the late ’70s and mid-’80s of any products that would assist in recovery and now we have the science to monitor all types of products to have the edge. Hydration is one if not the most fundamental keys to this. It gives me pleasure to see athletes such as George “Ferocious”

When I first watched George in 2013, there was no doubt his dedication and desire to reach his difficult target would inspire many others to do their best, so we wanted to get right behind him and his team.

How did you think your alkaline water could help George in those early days?

As we all know, hydration is the key to peak performance and boxing is one of the most physical and demanding sports any athlete can do. We could see George was going to push himself above and beyond to achieve his goals. Our high pH 9-10 alkaline spring water would give George the best and fastest hydrating and recovery water available. With the natural electrolytes, we could also help reduce any cramping which is often a huge issue for high-performance athletes like George.

When did George get his first big win?

I’m very proud to say that I was there for his first professional fight at the Croatian Club in Punchbowl. Entering the ring and watching George’s extreme focus leading into the ring was very daunting indeed. This was the first win of his 21 fight history.

Tell us about George winning his first World Title Fight.

George “Ferocious” Kambosos world title fight at Maddison Square Garden on 27 November 2021 was the start of George’s catapult into the world of boxing media frenzy, prior to this, George never got the credit that he so much deserved for being the Australian Light Weight Champion.

But in 2021, not only did George and his team have to overcome many challenges in 2020 caused by COVID and the promotional company Triller postponing the fight, George also went in as the underdog, but he jumped right in and totally outclassed Teofimo Lopez.

ABC News called it a ‘monumental upset’ and the three judges had it 115-111 and 115-112 in favour of Kambosos Jr, while the other had it 114-113 for López. So George Ferocious Kambosos won the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and The Ring lightweight titles.

We also loved that George paid tribute to his grandfather after winning the fight as family is very important to me as the owner of a small but unique Australian family-owned business.

Another of my favourite quotes from George after the fight really epitomises the values of Alka Power.

“Every day I got better and better, I learnt more and more. I never took my foot off the pedal and here were are”

“If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get this far. Back yourself, believe in yourself and you can do it too.” Kambosos Jnr said.

Although George lost his recent undisputed lightweight title fight in Melbourne to over 40,000 spectators, why do you think he wants to fight again in November?

George has a drive that I have never seen in my over 13 years helping Athletes achieve their dreams. It was unfortunate that Devin Haney had the game plan to beat George. I think the rematch will certainly have a different outcome as George has learnt a lot from that fight.

Will Alka Power continue to be part of George’s hydration regime?

Of course, we’re here for the long run as George, on many occasions has said that Alka Power is the key to his hydration and recovery, so much so, in one article George mentioned that he drinks up to 24 litres of alkaline water per week and he notices that it helps his recovery.

It’s so important that athletes, novice or elite, understand the importance of drinking the best water more so the best alkaline water. Who better than George Ferocious Kambosos Jnr, who puts everything into his sport, to demonstrate how Alka Power supports his training efforts and sustains him during his peak training and performances?

We are so proud to see George achieve his dream and especially for me, that he has shown such loyalty to our brand. Just like George’s journey, we started from having a dream to share and grow our brand and had to work very hard to get Alka Power to where it is today. Together we have both achieved our dream of being Australia’s No. 1. For Ferocious, he has taken it to the ultimate level.

What would you say to other aspiring professional athletes about the importance of hydration?

I have come across a number of professional athletes such as James Tedesco, Daly Cherry-Evans, David Reynolds, Quade Cooper and even singing sensations, The Veronicas who all drink Alka Power.

It’s the most important element in achieving your best performance – hydrate as fast as possible and if what you drink is more ‘functional’, you may even help prevent injuries. It seems to our team, that such a small investment to drink the best water when you are putting in so much time and effort into your training and ultimately your performance.

Most people, including athletes, don’t know that most bottled waters and energy drinks are very acidic. When athletes transition to Alka Power they see the difference almost immediately and the feedback from this is unanimous.

It’s amazing also to see when I’m travelling around Australia people have bottles in their hands. I do approach them at times to ask why they drink Alka Power and in most cases are that they love the taste or they have read up about the benefits of drinking a naturally high pH alkaline water. It’s also heartfelt that they understand that some brands out there are artificially raised.

Why should people choose Alka Power for all their hydration needs?

Alka Power is a more natural approach and a 'better for you' natural alkaline water – you’ll feel the difference in more ways than one. Our success as a brand compared to other bottle and alkaline waters are our unique way of how we infuse our spring water and the sourcing of natural marine minerals. Most other high pH waters are artificial which our bodies can pick up on and don’t have the same impact or benefits as ours.

Alka Power, as the only true naturally raised high pH 9-10 alkaline mineral spring water, has helped not only athletes but all people, particularly those who suffer from inflammation and acidic issues. We have seen it time and time again where Alka Power has been the hero in assisting in everything from gout, to reflux and even mouth ulcers.

I really get a buzz out of the responses from the athletes as well as all our customers, we love hearing how we are making such a positive difference in so many people’s lives.

Here are just a few of what customers have to say about Alka Power

'My wife has recently been diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome. She is really struggling at the moment with reflux due to mitral valve regurgitation or leaky stomach valves. She has just been put on a new diet consisting of mostly bland foods and alkaline water to help with the reflux. We came across Alkapower at our local Coles and love the product and it is really helping her reflux and general well-being. We can't get enough, we clear the shelves of our local Coles every week. Looking forward hopefully to a 10L Container.' Jayson Alexander

'Taste and recovery properties amazing - just did a high altitude triathlon camp in Jindabyne and highly recommend the water - I was amazed I could buy it down there - great stockists.'

Purchased in January 2022 at Caltex Woolworths.

'Taste is so great that I now drink more water than I did before. Best to purchase bulk bottles because I go through them quickly and saves multiple visits to supermarket.' Purchased in November 2021.

To find out more about the benefits of Alka Power click here

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